We are excited to work with creative open-minded people that have great ideas and innovative new projects. We care about giving each project a personal and unique approach by working in small-scale teams that best meet each client and project’s needs. If you’re ready to work together, say the word!

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We know life’s tough, but right now
our team is complete. Don’t worry
if you’re as good as we think, you’ll
find easily other studios to stay.

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ONOGRIT Designstudio
Huhnsgasse 34c
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+49 (0)221 47675050


can i come visit the studio?

You are welcome to drop by for a drink or visit the showroom
of our fashion label Kreatur International. Please contact us
in advance by mail or phone, and we will be happy to make
an appointment!

what is a “social impact” studio?

We are proud to work with clients who are moving society
and culture forward. We focus our business on partnering
with organizations, businesses, and initiatives that make
the world a better place.

What does Onogrit mean?

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Which projects do you take on?

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Do you share workspace?

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    Hello! My name is

    and I work with

    I’m looking for a partner to help me with

    With an idea of having that completed

    I am hoping to stay around a budget range of

    You can reach me at

    to start the conversation.

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