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Logo Development, Letterhead, Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Invitation Cards, Stickers, Company Stamps, Word Templates, Presentation Folder, Template Files, Website and Content Management System


The architectural office CROSS is an international team of 20 passionate professionals – specialists for current and future issues in urban planning, architecture and society. It emerged from the renowned Dutch architecture firm Benthem Crowel (BNTMCRWL).


Within half a year, our studio developed the new brand identity, which included the corporate design, the technical consulting for the appropriate CMS system, the screen design and the stringent declination of all necessary working documents.


We at ONOGRIT know that details are never just details, but the soul of a brand. As part of our creative consulting, we have developed several ideas together with the managing directors Markus Sporer and Cornelius Wens on how to communicate the CROSS brand authentically to the outside world. The core values of the design language are self-confidence, clarity and freshness. Christmas cards such as “Santa CROSS is coming to town” or “All we want for CROSSmas is you” are cheerful witnesses of these creative sessions. They not only give the architectural office personality and closeness, but also successfully differentiate it from its competitors.


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