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Together with Patricius C. M. Schalkwijk – owner of the interior design agency hell & freundlich – we wanted to create an invitation that would make it to a place of honour on the recipient’s desk. It’s so beautiful that it won’t be thrown away light hearted with other printed products. And which remains enthroned on the table even after the actual event – simply because it is so beautiful.


How do you create lasting value these days? How can something quite ordinary become something special? By a good taste of the client, by a high design skill and an excellent print production.


“Doctors can bury their mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant ivy.” This quote from George Sand was of course a wonderful hanger for our invitation card for the 15th company anniversary. And so we invited directly to “15 ivy-free years” to celebrate this achievement.

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The invitation card was realized with our friendly printer Letterjazz from Essen. A real Din A5 “board” was laminated up to a massive 800 gsm after a 2-colour print. In addition a fancy envelope from the series Colorplan.


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