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Anyone who starts a fashion brand also needs a collection. To cut a long story short: That’s what we did.


Zeros and ones and paper – that’s where we are at home. Produce clothes? No idea where and how, that was our initial situation. Of course, that’s no longer the case today. GOTS, sustainable materials, local production – all topics we familiarised ourselves with in order to realise this collection. Made from organic cotton and extra soft, they not only look fantastic (as we think) but also keep us warm and cozy. Yes, we are a little proud.


KREATUR INTERNATIONAL is the first fashion brand that brings the protection of species into the focus of the fashion industry. We want to offer endangered species a special platform that encourages conversation and is present in everyday life.


Planet first – we designed our ready-to-wear collections to support the protection of biodiversity on planet earth. Our collection includes the BRAND EDITION and the two Capsule Collections TIER and BOND, which are limited to 50 pieces per design and size. Besides shirts and sweatshirts we offer caps, beanies and shoppers.

Limited Editions

It’s time to treat our species as the limited editions they really are. That’s why our Capsule Collections BOND and TIER are strictly limited to 50 pieces per colour and size. In this way, we not only set a contrast to fast fashion, but also encourage the careful use of resources.


The limited BOND Edition features collages with different textures. Each individual collage is applied to the shirt by hand and locally manufactured in Cologne. A logo embroidery on the sleeve completes the finished shirt.


The TIER Edition is also limited to 50 pieces per size and color. Carefully placed worms, jellyfish, eyes, grasshoppers and close-ups of wild animals make the pieces real eye-catchers. From lavender, pistaccio, light pink and powder blue to classic black and white – there’s a colour for everyone. Over 15 steps are needed to finish the shirt.

Species in the spotlight

Our designs highlight species that are threatened by extinction. They are all on the Red List and every day the list gets longer. We want to help save these creatures – with our fashion brand that’s wild about wildlife.


Our BRAND EDITION belongs in every casual closet – oversized fits made from high-quality organic cotton. A logo print on the chest doubles the coolness factor.


Want a cool cap? With our dad caps made of 100% organic cotton you not only ensure the thing with the coolness, but also carry the right message into the world. Wanna talk species?


For a world without fast consumption and unnecessary waste, we produce only in small numbers and on demand. Each individual motive is printed on the shirt by hand at a local manufacturer in Cologne.


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