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Walbert-Schmitz is an Aachen-based company for brand experiences in the fields of trade fairs and events. The briefing was a digital repositioning as a modern, experienced and exciting company with a history of over 50 years. The warm-hearted, open-minded and relaxed atmosphere in the company needed a digital equivalent.


The task sounded simple at first: Walbert-Schmitz wants to reposition itself more strongly as a creative partner and source of inspiration within the live communication industry and among customers. Everything that had been produced up to that point was sighted, reassessed and forgotten treasures were lifted. In the decision-making rounds, courage and humour had the greatest influence. When everyone at the table laughed, the proposal went on to the next round.


In the research phase several competitors were analysed and future fields identified. It was determined that the trade fair construction industry is divided into a few high-performance agencies and traditional companies. Whereby new digital topics also bring new competitors into the industry. The following semantic analysis also looked at the company history in order to reactivate forgotten strengths. The findings from best practice research and semantic analysis were then incorporated into the concept.


In order to clearly identify the needs and goals of different types of customers and applicants, a total of 9 personas were developed. This way an understanding of customers, applicants and antipersona was defined to ensure a clear direction.


The newly gained content was transferred to wireframes and coordinated and fine-tuned in several iteration loops with decision makers, developers and designers.

Prototypes & Flows

A new site architecture was developed and tested with prototypes. In this way, both the flow of the page and its consistency could be ensured.

Visual Design

After approval of the detailed concept, the content was transferred to the visual design, suggestions for headlines and content were developed and a holistic experience was successively established.


In order to ensure the greatest possible flexibility in the construction of the new website, all content has been organised in modules that can be flexibly combined with each other. Also the modules themselves offer several possibilities of expression, so that a dynamic appearance ensures an entertaining presence.


Deciders from other areas should be regularly invited as “guest auditors”. This increases the internal acceptance of the product within the company. Courage and fun are the most underestimated values in a every process.


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