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Once upon a time, there was an idea that had been waiting patiently in ONOGRIT’s drawers for a long time – the idea for a project dedicated to the protection of biodiversity. When Corona shut down our daily lives, we knew it was time to make this project a reality.


We ourselves as customers – a curse and a blessing at the same time. No one to interfere and all options at our disposal. Where do you start and, above all, when do you stop? And yet it is the same as with client projects – once you have found the starting point, you also recognise the point when the result has reached the right maturity. And here it is.


What do you call a project that addresses a global issue? And how do you create a corporate design that draws attention to the disappearance of essential elements of our ecosystem? A design that briefly irritates and at the same time arouses curiosity? This was the question that led to our name and logo. Kreatur International – a universally understandable brand that can be understood in all languages without further translation. The missing letters in the logo not only show that essential parts are missing, but also produce a sound that is rather painful when spoken out loud: KR R R. To check whether we can be satisfied with the result, we followed Otl Aicher. He once said: “A logo is a good logo if you can draw it in the sand with your big toe.” We tested it and the design passed.


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