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Hello Noto. The managing directors of the award winning industrial design studio with the former name “Frackenpohl Poulheim” once said at a dinner to us: “We have more customers, but you have more fans”.


They liked that ONOGRIT has something that many studios lack: a personality. And since they wanted to reposition themselves with their company anyway, they asked us to work together to find a new memorable name and afterwards to develop a new, characterful corporate design. A design that reflects the personalities of the two managing directors André Poulheim and Thorsten Frackenpohl and also presents the studio as it is in reality.


The goal was nothing less than to develop a visual language that felt real. The aim was also to develop a design system that could be continued by the employees after creation. We made the biggest change to the new appearance via three channels: colour climate, visual language and text. Instead of building the CI on the colour spectrum blue, grey and black, we combined warm colours such as mustard, night blue, petrol and a tone that can only be incorrectly described as light apricot. Sounds bold? Looks great. We created a colour spectrum of more than 20 shades, which can be used until today. One of the most beautiful phases of a corporate design is when the fun begins. This clearly includes the postcards. Since then, NOTO has been sending its prototypes to its customers and enclosing friendly greeting cards with the package. Sometimes with nice wishes like “Have a nice day”, sometimes with euphoric celebration mood “Viva la Noto” and sometimes with a rather philosophical approach “To be or NOTO be”.

Kind Words

“Working with you is always a lovely adventure.” – André Poulheim, CEO Noto




Project Photos: ONOGRIT x Manuel Mittelpunkt ❤️


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