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Mission, Vision, Personas, Target Groups, Semantic Analysis, Redesign Logo, Color Climate, User Experience Design, Website, Typography, Copy, Stationary, Production Support, Project Management.


Walbert-Schmitz is an Aachen-based company for brand experiences in the fields of trade fairs and events. What makes it special is its holistic approach to every project. With experts in the fields of creation, planning, project management and craftsmanship, it is one of the few companies in this field that can accompany a project from start to finish. With over 50 years experience they master light, water and above all emotions which the visitor takes home again. So far the business. What really makes Walbert-Schmitz special is the friendliness and the fun with which one is welcomed here. It doesn’t take 2 minutes until you feel just right here.


The objective for the new corporate design was to match the exterior to the interior and to increase the visibility of the brand. Above all, however, the new appearance should help the company to present itself more authentically and to be perceived much more strongly as a creative partner for its customers.


In the first phase of the project the focus was on a semantic analysis and the elaboration of the values that characterize and represent Walbert-Schmitz. We defined the vision (the future of live communication shaped by floating media boundaries), the mission (to transform a visit of a place into a lasting experience) and the positioning. The development of Personas and Use Cases finally created the necessary context and helped us to understand what the result should look like. After a successful meeting, the design idea resulting from the strategy phase carried the beautiful working title “Cool stuff since 1966. Because we Bäm!” as it expressed everything that needed to be integrated: self-confidence, courage, creativity, openness, tradition, dialogue, emotion and fun.


ONOGRIT x Walbert-Schmitz


Project Photos: ONOGRIT x Manuel Mittelpunkt ❤️



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